Let's Figure This Out Together


Very few horses go their entire life 100% sound.  For those times when your horse becomes unsound, we are ready to help.  We perform a thorough lameness exam of your horse, including palpation.  Dr. Kostinas feels its very important to be hands on and many things can be found just by touching the horse.  In addition, your horse will be seen being lunged or ridden and flexion tests will be done.  We offer digital imaging techniques including digital radiographs and a new, upgraded digital ultrasound.  Ultrssound guided injections can also be performed.  Dr. Kostinas enjoys the challenge of finding the problem or problems, in order to help your horse.  


Digital Ultrasound

We recently up graded to Digital Ultrasound, which provides extremely clear and precise images, and aids in guided injections when needed. 


Digital X-Ray

We offer digital radiographs for instant, on the spot results that can easily be emailed or copied to a disc for each client. 

Joint Injections

Hands On

Hands on work