Medical Treatment & Emergency Care


 Our client's health is extremely important to us.  Depending on the severity of the illness, the schedule can be rearranged to help those who are sick. Blood work results are with in 24 hrs. If urgency is needed, it can be taken to an emergency facility with results known within hours.  Specialty blood test are sent to various universities to yield the most accurate results. IV fluids are sometimes given at the farm for certain cases.  

In addition,  Dr. Kostinas has been very devoted to her patients care and emergencies. In the past several years, she has joined with other veterinarians to guarantee that if she is unavailable, there will be a competent equine Veterinarian on call.  Any time before 7am, or after 6 pm, would be considered an emergency call and an additional fee will be added.  Also, if an emergency occurs during the day that requires scheduled appointments to be rescheduled, a day time emergency fee will be added.